Orangutan Land Trust

Orangutan Land Trust

Orangutan Land Trust

Agropalma has entered acooperation agreement withOLTconcerningthe preservation oforangutansin rainforests.

Agropalma has entered an agreement for a strategic partnership in support of the British non-governmental organization Orangutan Land Trust (OLT) which works to enable sustainable solutions that ensure safe areas of forest for the continued survival of the orangutan in the wild. The company has also announced its participation in the Palm Oil Innovations Group (POIG), along with New Britain Palm Oil, Daabon, Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Action Network and Forest Peoples Programme. Orangutan Land Trust has also joined the POIG.

"Agropalma has long been a leader in sustainability within the palm oil sector, and we share a vision of breaking the link between palm oil and deforestation in a global context. We hope our partnership will act as a catalyst in that regard. Furthermore, with Agropalma's generous support, we can enable conservation activities in Indonesia and Malaysia that will not only help to protect the orangutan, but also all the biodiversity that shares the rainforest habitat." says Michelle Desilets, the Executive Director of Orangutan Land Trust.

According to Marcello Brito, Agropalma’s Commercial and Sustainability Director, the initiative is related to the company's new strategy. "If wesell our products in many other countries, we can also contribute to environmental conservation outside of our region and in line with many different visions of our clients located in different countries and cultures. This is the new context of international partnerships, whether economic or not."

Despite being located in Brazil, where the orangutan is not native, the company is committed to the Protection and Conservation of Wildlife and that includes ensuring protection and survival of all rare, threatened or endangered species and the scientific identification of existing species within our plantation areas and in over 64,000 hectares of forest reserves of the company is annually conducted through partnership programs with international NGOs, universities and research centers in Brazil.

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