Corporate Transparency

The principle of Transparency is part ofthe Socio-environmental Responsibility program adopted by the Group and in line with the International Standard ISO 2600, launched in 2010, and adopted by ABNT in 2010 reassuring commitment to its clients and public in general to provide the parties concerned, in accessible, clear, understandable and timely manner, all information about facts or documents that may affect them,  except when protected by commercial confidentiality or in case disclosure may cause harmful environmental or social consequences.





Available documents are:

  • Title deed and other land related documents;
  • Occupational Health Medical Control Program, Environment risk prevention programs, PAE, Technical Report of Working Environment Conditions;
  • ECP, ECR, EIS, Probe Diagnostics and other socio-environmental studies;
  • Documents related to reviews of areas of high conservation value;
  • Integrated Management System Manual, Rules of Procedures and Operational Routines;
  • Claim Details Report;
  • Long term Economic and Financial Sustainability Plan;
  • Negotiation and Land Acquisition Procedures;
  • Continuous Improvement Plan;
  • RSPO certification reports;
  • Respect for Human Rights Policy (launched in 2016);
  • Current and historical prices paid to FFB suppliers.

FFB Prices


Interested parties should contact Agropalma through phone (91) 4009-8159 - or by email