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Alfa Conglomerate


The Alfa Conglomerate consists of a group of companies operating in multiple business sectors, such as finance, agribusiness, food, building materials, communication and culture, leather industry and hotel. With substantial experience and tradition in different fields, the Alfa Conglomerate companies seek excellence as an integral part of their businesses. Get to know the companies:

Financial companies

The companies included in the Alfa Financial Conglomerate are described below. Please click on the links for further details:

Alfa Financeira
Alfa Seguradora
Banco Alfa

Non-Financial companies

The Alfa Conglomerate also consists of a group of non-financial companies. Please click on the links for further details:

Águas Prata
Hotéis Transamérica SP
La Basque
Rede Transamérica de Comunicação
Teatro Alfa
Transamérica Comandatuba
Transamerica Expo Center
Transamérica Hospitality Group
TV Transamérica
Metro Taxi Aéreo