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Supplier of the oil-chemical and soap industries, Agropalma produces ingredients such as Palm Fats for biscuit, frying and soap manufacturing, Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Refined Palm Oil and Refined Palm Olein.


A healthy and tasty choice, organic food, besides produced without pesticides offers several benefits to the consumer. We present a specific line of such products based on Palm Oil, Palm Olein and Palm Kernel Oil. Give them a try!

Food Service

Agropalma supplies the booming food service sector with fat for spraying, frying, ice cream, among others.

Oleaginous palms (Elaeis guineensis, Jacq.) are adequately developed in humid tropics, comprising 10 degrees to the South and to the North of the Equator Line. Due to its high productivity, above four tons/ha./year, palm oil is ranked number one in the world production of oils and fats.

From the oleaginous palm fruit, two kinds of oils may be obtained: palm oil (extracted from the pulp) and palm kernel oil (extracted from the nut). Both present their own chemical composition and physical characteristics.

Due to the peculiar composition of the palm oil, with approximately 50% of saturated and 50% of unsaturated fatty acid, it can be naturally fractioned in triglycerides fractions with different melting points. The great variety of fractions obtained from the palm oil is widely used in many types of food, such as: ice cream mixes, chocolate products, extruded, frying fats, bread, biscuits, among others.

Palm oil and its fractions are also important raw material for the soap and oil/chemical industries.

As one of the richest sources of tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E, palm oil allows reduction of circulating cholesterol, among other benefits to the health. As extraction and refining processes in Agropalma are physically done, with no chemical solvent involved, the resulting product is trans fatty acid-free, making palm oil a healthy alternative to hydrogenated fats.

Palm Oil Fraction

Palm Fat

Palm fat is extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oleaginous palms named Elaeis Guineensis. Extraction is done by means of pressure, in a natural way without the use of chemicals. Palm fat is widely used in the food, frying, biscuit dough and ice cream industries.

Palm Olein

Fruit of the refined palm oil, palm olein is obtained through cooling and filtration of raw material. The whole process is also naturally done. Palm olein is used as cooking oil throughout the world, but is also present in the oil-chemical and cosmetics industries.

Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil is extracted from the nut of the oleaginous palm. Similar to other Agropalma products, the extraction and refining processes are done without the use of chemical inputs. Palm kernel oil has peculiarities which turns it into an important ally in the production of soaps and cosmetics, and food and oil/chemical industries.