Palm Fat - 460 UG


This oil is extracted from the fruit pulp of the oleaginous palm tree   Elaeis guineensis, by physical means - mechanical pressing - without using solvents or other chemical substances. Refining of this oil is naturally done – physically - where only natural products are employed in its processing (citric acid and bleaching earth). That differs from chemical refining conventional processes, where caustic soda is used to neutralize free fatty acids. In the palm oil physical refining process, free fatty acids are removed by distillation.


Due to the presence of natural anti-oxidants (tocotrienols) and low linolenic acid content (C18:3), this oil is found to be highly stable to oxidation.   It’s naturally semi-solid at room temperature or, in some cases, with phase separation due to its peculiar composition of fatty acids with 50% of saturated fatty acids, 40% of monounsaturated and 10% of polyunsaturated. Once it was not submitted to artificial hydrogenation processes is a trans fatty acid-free product. 


Food industry.


TBHQ and Citric Acid.

20 kg Boxes.
Dry cargo, avoiding sun exposure. For long distance transportation, refrigerated transport services are indicated.

Expiration Date
  • 12 months from manufacture date.
  • Basic storage conditions required.


Keep in dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.