Organic Refined Palm Kernel Oil


This oil is extracted from the fruit nut of the oleaginous palm tree  Elaeis guineensis, by physical means - mechanical pressing - without using solvents or other chemical substances. Refining of this oil is also naturally done – physically - where only natural products are used.


Although obtained from the same palm fruit, this oil presents very different characteristics from the palm oil. It presents, mainly, short-chain fatty acids (C12:0, C14:0) and as a result, presents very peculiar physical characteristics which are important for specific applications (ex., soap, substitutes of cocoa butter, oil/chemical, etc); due to the low unsaturation level of its fatty acids this oil presents high oxidant stability.


Food in general, cosmetics and oil/chemical industries.



  • 16.5 kg boxes.
  • 180 kg drums.
  • 180 and 900 kg IBC
  • In Bulk.
  • Boxes, drums and IBC: Dry cargo, avoiding sun exposure.
  • Bulk: Stainless steel tank trucks with serpentine heating coil and isothermical.

Expiration Date
  • Boxes, drums and IBC: 12 months from manufacture date.
  • In bulk: 18 days from manufacture date.


  • Boxes, drums and IBC: Keep in dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Bulk: Keep in stainless steel or epoxy-coated carbon steel tanks, with temperature not exceeding 12°C above melting point. Heating must be done, preferentially, with hot water in the serpentines and at a rate not higher than 5°C / 24 hours.