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Sustainability Report

Agropalma has as guiding principle of its activities respect to the environment and sustainable development. Increasingly, sustainable practices play an important role in the routine of the organization and help to reduce environmental impacts.

All our plantation areas are located in the Amazon region, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking regions in the world with the highest biodiversity. In order to protect this unique natural heritage, Brazilian legislation requires that, at least, 50% of the land of each farm is preserved as forest reserves. In Agropalma, for each hectare of planting, 1.6 hectares of forest are preserved.

Our plantations are established only on mineral soils, without the presence of peat and free of deforestation and burning practices since 2001.

The Agropalma Group promotes actions aiming to generate knowledge, protect and preserve the fauna and flora of the region. Therefore, it has a team in charge of researching species of mammals, birds, aquatic fauna, reptiles and amphibians, many times rare, threatened or endemic of the Amazon region.

Moreover, it is responsible for projects that encourage the education of children, teens and adults, as well as training activities and income generation for local people.

The company has all the essential certification to assure its credibility. Among them, we highlight the RSPO, FSSC 22000, Fair Trade and the Organic Seal, issued by IBD, organization accredited by the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), which regulates organic agriculture throughout the world and ensures production without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

As a result of its responsible actions, the organization was given the top ranking in the Greenpeace Scorecard for Palm Oil Producers in 2012.

In order to keep a transparent relationship with all stakeholders, Agropalma provides more information about the social and environmental actions undertaken by the organization in the sustainability report.

Sustainability Report 2019
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Sustainability Report 2017
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Sustainability Report 2015
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Sustainability Report 2013
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