Our brand has evolved

To share our essence

Promoters of sustainability

Valuing people and nature

Taking our solutions to Brazil and the world

We are driven by biopower

Our strength stems from nature, from people, and from the relationships we cultivate.

We take care, transform, and prove that it is possible to ally technology and innovation to preserve nature.

We are driven by making a positive impact on the planet and everyone in our network.

Together, we transform the world

We plan, take action, and inspire a new way of doing sustainable agribusiness that adds value to the industry, people, and nature. We are proud to be Amazonian and to take our products to Brazil and to the world.

By valuing our culture, people, and nature, we preserve the biomes of our plantations and contribute to the balance of ecosystems and the quality of life of those who live in the regions where we operate.

Through our ethical products we provide respect for nature and people to the world

We are involved in the entire production chain, from seedling cultivation to the production of refined oil and special fats. Our products are raw materials for the food industry as well as for the oleochemical and cosmetic industries.

With state-of-the-art technology, we are constantly developing to meet the different demands of the industry and create innovative solutions with a fully traceable supply chain and a production process guided by sustainable practices, from cultivation, forest and biodiversity preservation, to the economic and social development of the communities that work with us.