Our Solutions

All possibilities for sustainable palm

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are in constant development to address different demands of our clients, so that we may generate increasingly innovative solutions.


Large, versatile and high performance portfolio, both for the production line and the final product.

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The best formulations for those who seek plant raw materials for product manufacturing.

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Industrial fried food

Quality and efficiency, while maintaining high-throughput.

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Organic products

Production that practices circular bioeconomy and certified since 2020.

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Multiple palm oil solutions and other origins for spices, stocks, sauces and aspersion.

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Compounds, toppings and candy

We provide the most diversified solutions for this segment, with exclusivity of palm kernel fractioning in Brazil.

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We provide for major national and international brands with local and organic production.

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Dairy products and ice cream

Varied portfolio or replacement of milk fat, totally free of the partially hydrogenated component.

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Customized solutions

Let’s do it together!

In addition to our large and varied portfolio, we also have a research and development team for creation of suitable solutions for each challenge of the industry, in partnership with our clients.

With state-of-the-art technology, we are in constant evolution to address different demands and create increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions.

We will shape the market together! ​

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Positive impact on the entire network.

We are driven by biopower: a force that combines nature, people, technology, innovation and transformation.

We exist because we believe and prove that it is possible to create value without destruction. We choose the regenerative path: to harness, to care for and to develop.

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About Us

We are from the land. We are from the industry. We are Brazilian. We are global.

We transformed sustainable palm into a reference and a reason for pride of our culture. Our business aggregates value to the market, people and nature.

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