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Organic Products

The Agropalma Group offers a whole range of organic products – Organic Palm Oil, Organic Palm Olein and Organic Palm Kernel Oil, which respect the environment and preserve natural resources.

According to Brazil Portal, the number of organic producers in the country increased 51,7% in January 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. The total of growers who joined the sustainable model increased from 6,719 to 10,194.

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Other Agropalma Products


Supplier of the oil-chemical and soap industries, Agropalma produces ingredients such as Palm Fats for biscuit, frying and soap manufacturing, Refined Palm Kernel Oil, Refined Palm Oil and Refined Palm Olein.

Food Service

Agropalma supplies the booming food service sector with fat for spraying, frying, ice cream, among others.