São Paulo, July 2023The partner farmers program of Agropalma, largest sustainable palm oil producer of the American continent, has become a case of success due to its significant benefits to family farmers and communities in Pará and due to reaching an average productivity of 21 tons per hectare per year.

Currently, the program comprises an area over 12 thousand hectares, with participation of 60 integrated producers and 272 family farmers. Agropalma aims at reaching the mark of 20 thousand hectares until 2026, further consolidating its benefits to family farming and local communities.

Family farming has become increasingly important in Agropalma’s production, so that, in 2022, it represented 26% of the processed total of FFB (fresh fruit bunches) – a noticeable increase regarding the 18% recorded between 2016 and 2017. This high trend reflects the continuous commitment of the company in providing and promoting family farming.

“We expect this adhesion to keep growing”, highlights Antonio Jorge Brandão, manager of the Family Farming Integration Program to Integrated Producers of Agropalma. “This initiative reinforces our commitment to create sustainable opportunities for all involved farmers.”

Average productivity of 21 tons per hectare per year

Since its pioneering implementation at Agropalma, family farming has been showing promising signs, bringing opportunities for development and growth to local communities. “With an average productivity of 21 tons per hectare and some producers reaching up to 36 tons per hectare in 2022, our program has demonstrated to be a good source of income and better living conditions”, explains Brandão. “The expressive results demonstrate proper handling and adoption of sustainable practices.”

Agropalma’s Family Farming provides significant improvements for partnered farmers. Over two decades, over 200 families that once lived in social vulnerability now have quality of life, with proper housing and monthly income up to R$ 20,000.00. 

In addition to financial returns, Agropalma is in advanced negotiations to establish partnerships with Sicredi (Brazilian Cooperative Credit System) and the Bank of Amazônia (Basa) to further strengthen the program. These strategic collaborations aim at driving the continued success of family farming.

Commitment to Sustainability 

The implementation of the Family farming Program to farmers that wish to be part of the Agropalma initiative comprises a careful and structured process, with several steps to ensure good handling and successful production. Adept of sustainable practices, the company has taken up a strict policy of no deforestation, and has not converted any forests into palm plantations for over 20 years, focusing efforts into modernization initiatives and farming practices aimed at soil efficiency, strictly following the guidelines established by forest and environmental legislation.

Pedro Furtado shows his production

“When the producers decide to start planting, Agropalma marks the areas in the field that will be intended for planting, ensuring proper and sustainable land management. In addition, the company provides full technical assistance and specialized training for qualification of program farmers”, says Brandão. “This assistance aims at improving the skills and knowledge of farmers, allowing for the best possible results in production with a commitment with environmental preservation. For this reason, we wish to bring this successful model to other communities.”


Source: Conexão Agro (07/29/23)