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The excellence of our products is recognized worldwide.

Crude oil is produced in the mills based in Tailândia and Acará districts, in the State of Pará, and the refinery and the fats packing unit are located in the capital, Belém.

The company directly employs directly 5 thousand people and also provides agro communities with full infrastructure.

Palm oil and its fractions are widely employed in the food and oil chemical industry, such as industrial frying, extruded spraying, chocolate, pasta, margarines, vegetable spreads, cookies, ice cream, cosmetics, detergents and soaps.

In 2020, company passed to be leaded by a board of eight directors, being one female (Administration Director). Among them, we have also a Sustainability Director. He has decades of experience and dealing with sustainability in palm oil sector and is responsible for sustainability in the whole company.


In 2020, our units comprise:
  • 107,000 hectares of land;
  • 64,000 hectares of forest reserve;
  • 39,000 hectares of plantation;
  • 1.600 km of private roads;
  • 05 extraction mills;
  • 01 export terminal;
  • 01 refinery plant;
  • 01 packing unit;
  • 04 quality control laboratories;
  • 04 water treatment plants;
  • 300 ha not planted with palms available for new plantings;
  • 3,700 ha occupied with infrastructure (including roads and electricity lines).





The first company - Companhia Real Agroindustrial S.A. (CRAI) - located in  Tailandia district, in the State of Pará was founded.


The Group acquired the Agropalma Company doubling its productive capacity. Later, the Group also acquired another two joining areas, establishing AGROPAR - Companhia Agroindustrial do Pará and Amapalma - Amapalma S/A.


The Group opened in Belém the CRA - Companhia Refinadora da Amazônia, aiming the diversification of its production line, supplying refined palm and palm kernel oil, as well as refined palm olein and stearin.

Nowadays, the refinery has a production capacity of 320/tonnes/day.


The Coacará company was acquired and then named Companhia Palmares da Amazônia, also a palm oil and kernel palm oil producer.


The Fats Packing Unit opened in the CRA.  Production is mainly focused on the food service segment. The five agro industries - CRAI, Agropalma, AGROPAR, Amapalma and CPA, plus the Companhia Refinadora da Amazônia compose what is called the AGROPALMA GROUP. Agropalma is the largest and most modern agro industrial complex of palm oil plantation and processing in Brazil.


The Group opened - also in the city of Belém - a pilot plant designed for esterification of fatty acid, which are refining residues. The unit produced Biodiesel up to 2010.


The Agropalma Group promoted a corporate restructuring which resulted in the Group being constituted by two Companies: Agropalma S.A. and Companhia Refinadora da Amazônia.